Legacy Continues From Father to Son

It all started back in 1991 when Gilles became a plumber’s helper for a local company doing a lot of residential work. After working 4 months, his employer registered him in the trade.

In 1996, Gilles went to work for a large company in Ottawa. There he acquired commercial experience working on big projects. He was soon promoted to supervisor of plumbing projects.

In 2000, Gilles decided to start his own business GD Renovation as one-man shop. In 2003, he created the company we know today Plomberie GD Plumbing, he then had 3 employees plus himself. The first few years he was mostly doing residential projects and over the years he diversified his business. He was doing more and more service and some commercial projects. GD Plumbing did it all from a service call for a blocked toilet to apartment buildings. He now has 5 employees.

In 2011 he was now busy enough to have an administrative assistant, so it was decided that Josée, Gilles’ wife, would join the business to take care of all the administrative portion of the business.

When Gilles started this business he never would have dreamed that one of his sons would follow in his footsteps. While attending high school Jeremie would work with his Dad during his summer breaks and that’s how he discovered his love for the trade. Gilles was able to transmit his passion for helping people and problem solving to Jeremie.  5 years later he became a red seal plumber. Gilles would always say “He’s going to be an amazing plumber. I’m sure the student will surpass the teacher”.

Jeremie is the next generation of plumbers. He is passionate and conscientious of his work. Gilles is so happy to know that his legacy will live on with his son.

GD Plumbing is local family operated business who takes pride in the service they offer their community.

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