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Plumbing Services

With over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential plumbing, servicing the Ottawa and surrounding area. Below are some of the services we offer here at GD Plumbing. 

Our Professional Plumbing Services

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Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet Installation, Repair and Replacement

Faucets and fixtures are some of the most in-demand installation services on the market. If you need help with your faucets and fixtures, give us a call today. If you ever need a kitchen faucet to be repaired, you are dealing with a plumbing service that can fix your basic fixtures and much more.

Water Heater Installation, Repair and Replacement

Heating your water up is ideal for the everyday luxuries we treat ourselves too such as hot showers or cleaning the dishes. To get a water heater installed or repaired call us now for more information.

Frozen Pipe Repairs

When the temperature hits 0°C and below, water freezes, and not all pipes are properly insulated. Frozen pipes can lead to leaks and other kinds of damages. If your pipes are frozen you must act now. Give us a call.

Well & Sump Pumps

If you live out in the country odds are you're not connected to city water. Our plumbers are licensed to install, repair and replace well pumps and sump pumps. If you have water accumulations and you need a solution, contact us for more information.

Toilet Installation, Repair & Replacement

Have you ever felt the cold chill of panic when you realized that the waste was not going down the drain the way it is supposed to? Our plumbers are the experts and can remedy your situation. Call us today.

Leak Repair Services

Not treating leaks, is not normal and if you're even suspicious of a leak in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or any leaks for that matter it's imperative that you hire a plumber to service the leak as soon as possible. Having a washing machine in your home is a blessing but can  quickly turn to a nightmare if it starts to leak and flood. We have helped countless people get their drains and other systems fixed.

New Construction

Are you building a new home? Whether you're a solo builder or a general contractor looking for pricing, give us a call here a GD Plumbing we give FREE estimates for new construction. Our team of plumbers will make the best recommendation based on your requirements.


Are you in the process of upgrading a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, or anything requiring some piping? Our expert plumbers are meticulous in their work and can get your job done to code. Give us a call today for an estimate.

Diagnosis & Problem Solving

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need. Many people think that plumbers only service bathrooms, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that if you have any problems regarding the movement of water from one room to another, then that has to do with plumbing. Call us for more information.
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